Vincent Shen

Executive Chairman & Co-Founder

He became a multimillionaire in his late twenties as Managing Director of Merrill Lynch’s Private Investment Banking Group covering the Greater China market. Following an early retirement from banking, Vincent co-founded several companies in various industries, supporting them from angel investment stage to IPO. He is an Archangel Investor in the Oxford Angels Network and holds an MBA from Oxford’s Saïd Business School. Vincent is on a mission to support social entrepreneurs to reach their highest potential. He works with them closely not only as an investor but a core business partner. He met Joe in 2018 and came to appreciate the need for systems thinking in order to achieve SDGs. They teamed up to create SIMFO, a systems-centric, crowd-based multi-family office and an ecosystems builder that integrates various stakeholders’ human, social, and financial capitals to regenerate people and the planet. 

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