En-ROADS Climate Action Simulator

En-ROADS Climate Action Simulator

SIMFO is partnering with Climate Interactive to form an En-ROADS Asia-Pacific Hub with the aim to expand climate awareness and collective action in the region.

Each slider seen above represents an action the world can take. Participants playing the game — or playing with En-ROADS on their own computer — get immediate feedback about how the system would respond to a suite of actions. The complexity and curiosity build with each change.

En-ROADS is a simulation model, developed by MIT Sloan and Climate Interactive, grounded in the best available science on climate impacts and solutions. 

It is a decision support and educational tool that helps managers, policy-makers, and citizens build and test climate action scenarios.

Its lessons reinforce that no one action will achieve a +2ºC scenario and that a “multi-solving” mindset is required to achieve climate justice and equity.



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